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Expand Windows 7 VirtualBox Hard Drive

Expand Windows 7 VirtualBox Hard Drive | Out of space with your Windows 7 VirtualBox instance? No need to reinstall the vm. Using the free bootable iso clonezilla, you can clone your Windows 7 VirtualBox guest to a larger hard drive. I’ll show you how! 1. Download a copy of the latest stable clonezilla iso: http://clonezilla.org/downloads.php 2. Add a second larger virtual

Convert VDI to VMDK – VirtualBox to VMware

Convert VDI to VMDK – VirtualBox to VMware | To convert a VirtualBox vdi image to VMware, use the built-in VirtualBox command line utility VBoxManage. I’ll show you how! 1. First uninstall the VirtualBox Guest Additions from your VM to prepare for portability. 2. Next (if desired) copy the .vdi image file to a temp location as a backup. 3. Now determine the UUID

Quick Intro to VBoxManage

Quick Intro to VBoxManage | VBoxManage is the command line utility to manage all things VirtualBox. VirtualBox geeks will all tell you that there is much more you can do with VBoxManage – many things that are not written into the GUI. Below is a simple intro to VBoxManage! 1. List your available virtual machines: VBoxManage list vms stmiller@brahms:~$ VBoxManage

Virtual Appliances for Download

Virtual Appliances for Download | Where can I find a good variety of Virtualbox or VMware images? Two great websites are turnkeylinux.org and virtualboximages.com. Many of these images available can run in various virtual machine types (VMware, Virtualbox, Parallels, etc). In particular the Turnkey LAMP Stack Appliance is most excellent! There is no need to bother setting up an entire