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Quick Intro to VBoxManage

Quick Intro to VBoxManage | VBoxManage is the command line utility to manage all things VirtualBox. VirtualBox geeks will all tell you that there is much more you can do with VBoxManage – many things that are not written into the GUI. Below is a simple intro to VBoxManage! 1. List your available virtual machines: VBoxManage list vms stmiller@brahms:~$ VBoxManage

OS X in Virtualbox

OS X in Virtualbox | Edit: Virtualbox 4.x is now out! And most all hackintosh these days is being done via tonymacx86. So this article may be slightly dated. Tune in for updates on virtualbox + OS X soon! How do I install OS X inside Virtualbox? You will need: – Virtualbox 3.2 or higher – Intel CPU of Core