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ss – the alternative to netstat

ss – the alternative to netstat | An alternative to netstat is the utility ss. ss dumps socket statistics in a clear and more simple view as compared to netstat. Let’s check it out! With no options specified, ss displays a list of TCP sockets with established connections. This is useful on a server to see what clients are connected. The option

nmap UDP Port Scan Example

nmap UDP Port Scan Example | By default nmap performs a TCP scan only. I’ll show you how to scan for UDP ports with nmap! The syntax is $ sudo nmap -sU -p port target Example: $ sudo nmap -sU -p 3478 Starting Nmap 6.00 ( http://nmap.org ) at 2012-06-13 20:43 EDT Nmap scan report for example.com ( Host is

Quick nmap How-To

Quick nmap How-To | nmap or network mapper is an open source command line program for security auditing. Here is a basic intro! As always, only scan your own hosts or hosts that you have permission to scan! To do a simple check of open ports or port filtering, issue: $ sudo nmap host stmiller@brahms:~$ sudo nmap scottlinux.com Starting