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ss – the alternative to netstat

ss – the alternative to netstat | An alternative to netstat is the utility ss. ss dumps socket statistics in a clear and more simple view as compared to netstat. Let’s check it out! With no options specified, ss displays a list of TCP sockets with established connections. This is useful on a server to see what clients are connected. The option

Useful Windows Commands

Useful Windows Commands | Here are some basic Windows commands that are good to know! Hit Windows key + R or use the Search box to type these commands. gpedit.msc Group Policy Editor services.msc Services devmgmt.msc Device Manager compmgmt.msc Computer Management This one is cool: Crack open a command prompt. (Windows key + R or Search box -> cmd

Start and Stop Services in Ubuntu

Start and Stop Services in Ubuntu | How can I start and stop services in Ubuntu with a GUI? Well depending on how you define graphical, there is an excellent tool called SysV Runlevel Config. First, install it: sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf Then start it with sudo: sudo sysv-rc-conf Now you can go through a press the space bar to toggle services