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Install nmap 6 on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

Install nmap 6 on Debian or Ubuntu Linux | nmap 6 is out! It will be a couple of centuries before this is available in Debian, so I’ll show you how to easily create a .deb package right now. The following steps will provide a .deb package which is easy to cleanly uninstall at anytime as needed. Updated 19 June 2012! 1. First install

WPScan WordPress Vulnerability Scanner

WPScan WordPress Vulnerability Scanner | WPScan is a nifty WordPress vulnerability scanner. It can do things such as scan for installed plugins and provide vulnerability information based on results. It is part of Backtrack, which is handy as well! Here’s how wpscan looks checking scottlinux.com: root@bt:/pentest/web/wpscan# ruby wpscan.rb –url scottlinux.com –enumerate p

Quick nmap How-To

Quick nmap How-To | nmap or network mapper is an open source command line program for security auditing. Here is a basic intro! As always, only scan your own hosts or hosts that you have permission to scan! To do a simple check of open ports or port filtering, issue: $ sudo nmap host stmiller@brahms:~$ sudo nmap scottlinux.com Starting