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TCP/OS Fingerprinting Tools – p0f and nmap

TCP/OS Fingerprinting Tools – p0f and nmap | The particular way an operating system or device sends and receives TCP packets provides a unique fingerprint. TCP header information such as the window size, TTL, overall SYN packet size, MSS, MTU and so forth can help identify the OS. This is known as OS fingerprinting. The best known passive TCP fingerprint tool is p0f,

Quick nmap How-To

Quick nmap How-To | nmap or network mapper is an open source command line program for security auditing. Here is a basic intro! As always, only scan your own hosts or hosts that you have permission to scan! To do a simple check of open ports or port filtering, issue: $ sudo nmap host stmiller@brahms:~$ sudo nmap scottlinux.com Starting

Tiger Local Security Audit

Tiger Local Security Audit | Tiger is an excellent local Linux (*nix) system security audit tool. sudo apt-get install tiger Then run: sudo tiger Tiger checks various things such as all user accounts on the machine, problematic cron and service entries, complete system file permission check, rootkits, backdoors, (Debian/Ubuntu example: complete md5sum of installed files against Debian Security Advisories), listening