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ClamAV On-Access Scanning For Samba Shares

ClamAV On-Access Scanning For Samba Shares | Your Linux-based samba file server can automatically scan for Windows viruses with clamav and svs.I’ll show you some tips on getting this running with Debian 6! 1. Install clamav In Debian 6, install clamav-daemon which will also pull in the other required clamav packages. sudo apt-get install clamav-daemon The on-access samba anti-virus scanner svs is

Disable Guest Access – Samba

Disable Guest Access – Samba | Samba by nature has guest access for various purposes. However, you can disable guest access to prevent anonymous browsing and tighten security overall. 1. Edit the smb.conf file: $ sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf Add this line to the [global] section: restrict anonymous = 2 2. Close and save the file. Then restart samba. This will restart