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Use mysqlcheck to Optimize and Repair MySQL Databases

Use mysqlcheck to Optimize and Repair MySQL Databases | mysqlcheck is a simple command line app that can check mysql databases for corruption, make repairs, and also optimize your databases. Here are three quick commands that are useful to check, optimize, and also repair your mysql databases! 1. Check Databases $ mysqlcheck -cA -u root -p (-c for check database, -A for all databases)

Add Professional Looking Theme to phpMyAdmin

Add Professional Looking Theme to phpMyAdmin | phpMyAdmin is the great web-based mysql administration tool. To enhance the appearance of phpMyAdmin, install the clear and modern looking theme pmamhomme. Here is a quick peek! This theme is called pmamhomme because the theme designer is Mike Homme. First, grab the pmamhomme theme (.zip) from phpmyadmin.net’s theme page. Next, unzip this in phpMyAdmin’s theme

How to MySQL Dump and Recovery

How to MySQL Dump and Recovery | MySQL has the ability to dump or backup an entire database to a single recoverable file. I’ll show you how to dump and also recover! Dump a MySQL database To dump a mysql database, the command is: $ mysqldump -u mysqlusername -p databasename > mybackup.sql Enter password: (enter your mysqlusername’s mysql password) For example if

Test Your Server for SQL Injection

Test Your Server for SQL Injection | Q: What tools are used for testing for MySQL and other database injection vulnerabilities? The following are often used to automate testing for SQL injections by network and security admins: sqlmap – automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool Havij – automated SQL injection tool metasploit – security framework (Metasploit as you may be aware

Securing phpMyAdmin

Securing phpMyAdmin | phpMyAdmin is a great tool but it is also a large target by hackers. Take these initial steps to secure your phpMyAdmin install in Ubuntu Linux. 1. First we will setup an Apache login and password in order to load the phpmyadmin page. This command creates an apache authenticated user (Example here creates a username

Rotate MySQL Backups With Logrotate

Rotate MySQL Backups With Logrotate | logrotate can be used to rotate and auto-purge any file, including mysql backups. This very server (scottlinux.com) backs up a mysql dump daily, keeping the previous 8 with this method. I’ll show you how: 1. Create the following file, editing as desired. This example backs up all mysql databases in one dump. Of course you

Optimize MySQL my.cnf

Optimize MySQL my.cnf | If you are using MySQL, it can help to optimize MySQL according to how much ram you have on your server. Make these changes by editing: /etc/mysql/my.cnf Ubuntu and most all distros include example config file settings based on your available ram. These examples are generally located in: /usr/share/doc/mysql-server-5.1/examples/ -> my-small.cnf.gz my-medium.cnf.gz my-large.cnf.gz my-huge.cnf.gz my-small.cnf