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Apache Server Status with mod_status

Apache Server Status with mod_status | Apache has a built-in web-based server status module called mod_status. Here’s how it works! In Ubuntu / Debian, first enable the apache status module: $ sudo a2enmod status An existing config file is already in place for Debian and Ubuntu. Edit as follows: $ sudo nano /etc/apache2/mods-available/status.conf It looks like this: # #

Pixxa VPS Hosting Review

Pixxa VPS Hosting Review | Pixxa is a new and hip VPS provider offering Linux and Windows VPS hosting. I recently was given the opportunity to check Pixxa out and was quite impressed. The scottlinux review is below! Like Slicehost, Linode, GoGrid and others, Pixxa provides click to deploy VPS images with an excellent web interface. Highlights of Pixxa include:

Test Your Server for SQL Injection

Test Your Server for SQL Injection | Q: What tools are used for testing for MySQL and other database injection vulnerabilities? The following are often used to automate testing for SQL injections by network and security admins: sqlmap – automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool Havij – automated SQL injection tool metasploit – security framework (Metasploit as you may be aware

Securing phpMyAdmin

Securing phpMyAdmin | phpMyAdmin is a great tool but it is also a large target by hackers. Take these initial steps to secure your phpMyAdmin install in Ubuntu Linux. 1. First we will setup an Apache login and password in order to load the phpmyadmin page. This command creates an apache authenticated user (Example here creates a username