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Set Password or SSH Key for CentOS Cloud Images

Set Password or SSH Key for CentOS Cloud Images | CentOS provides cloud images for various cloud environments such as Openstack, RHV, Azure, or just KVM. It is possible to alter user passwords or SSH keys on these images without using cloud-init! This is nifty for use in Jenkins, Packer, local dev work or other use cases to just write changes to the image so it is ready to go. Check this out!

Create Animated GIF in Linux from Command Line

Create Animated GIF in Linux from Command Line | Imagemagick can easily make an animated gif from existing images with a simple command. I’ll show you how! First, install imagemagick: $ sudo apt-get install imagemagick Next, gather all of your .jpg images together in a single folder or directory. If needed, date/name files in a numbered or sequential order. The manor in which they

Prevent Hotlinking with htaccess

Prevent Hotlinking with htaccess | Hotlinking is the use of another person’s hosted image embedded on a different site without permission. I’ll show you how to prevent hotlinking with htaccess! Place the following in an .htaccess file on your web server to prevent hotlinking of images but however allow google, bing, and yahoo image searches access. Change the first entry

Virtual Appliances for Download

Virtual Appliances for Download | Where can I find a good variety of Virtualbox or VMware images? Two great websites are turnkeylinux.org and virtualboximages.com. Many of these images available can run in various virtual machine types (VMware, Virtualbox, Parallels, etc). In particular the Turnkey LAMP Stack Appliance is most excellent! There is no need to bother setting up an entire

Extra Gimp Packages You Should Install

Extra Gimp Packages You Should Install | If you use the GIMP, you should also install these packages which are available in the Ubuntu repositories to provide more plugins and editing features for your gimp-fu. sudo apt-get install gimp-data-extras gimp-dcraw gimp-resynthesizer gimp-plugin-registry gimp-texturize Below are the copy / pasted descriptions with some brief details about each. gimp-data-extras This package contains extra brushes,

How To Strip EXIF Data

How To Strip EXIF Data | How can I strip EXIF, GPS, and other metadata from photos in Linux? Using a single command from the wonderful ImageMagick, you can strip all of that personal data from your photos before posting them to the web. First, install ImageMagick: sudo apt-get install imagemagick Then simply run this command below. Note: *.jpg will strip