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.3gp Video Files and OS X

.3gp Video Files and OS X | How to have iMovie and Final Cut recognize your Android .3gp video file My Samsung Galaxy S saves 720p video as a .3gp video file. There’s no need to convert, transcode, or do anything to this video off of your Android phone to have it work nicely with iMovie or other OS X software. While

Handbrake Android Settings (DVD)

Handbrake Android Settings (DVD) | What setting can I use in Handbrake to encode a DVD for my Samsung Galaxy S phone? Well Android can play just about anything! The Galaxy S phone in particular has a nice screen, and 1Ghz processor that works great for high profile Handbrake encodes. The high profile setting may however result in a larger

x264 Presets and FFmpeg

x264 Presets and FFmpeg | How do I encode x264 with FFmpeg? x264 is awesome but has a nightmare of options. The easiest thing to do it to use presets with FFmpeg. Simply dump the contents of this zip file into your ~/.ffmpeg directory. If that directory does not exist, create it. Now you can use options like this to

Encode Flash Video with FFmpeg

Encode Flash Video with FFmpeg | How do I encode my video to flash for my website? You don’t need any adobe or other over-priced software. On Linux (and OS X) you can use FFmpeg which is free! On Ubuntu, I suggest you first enable the medibuntu repo. Then install the following: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52 The following command will

Nvidia card for GPU video playback in Linux

Nvidia card for GPU video playback in Linux | How do I use my Nvidia graphics card for video playback in Linux? One way is to use mplayer and vdpau. Firstly, this requires you have a supported Nvidia GeForce 8 series or later graphics card. Wikipedia has a supported list here. In the latest Ubuntu, make sure to have the following installed: mplayer libvdpau1