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pfSense – Free Open Source Firewall

pfSense – Free Open Source Firewall | pfSense is an excellent customization of FreeBSD for use either as a firewall or a router. FreeBSD is known for powering many commercial and large enterprise firewall appliances. pfSense gives you that same extensive feature set in a version you can install yourself on your own hardware or purchase pre-installed by many vendors. pfSense is

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Review

ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Review | This is a quick first impression review of ClearOS! (No, not centos, clearos!) I see why this may be even confusing as ClearOS is based on CentOS. So, what is it? ClearOS is a magnificent gateway or standalone server appliance based on CentOS 5.5. In a nut shell you install, input some general settings in