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Install Flash Player 11 in Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit

Install Flash Player 11 in Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit | Adobe released Flash Player 11 beta with support for 64bit Linux. Yay! I’ll show you how to install it for Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit. Edit: This post is now obsolete. Flash 11 for 64bit Linux is included in most distro repositories now, or directly from Adobe. First, remove any existing flash player version you

Record Screencast in Linux

Record Screencast in Linux | gtk-recordMyDesktop is a useful Linux app to make screencasts of your desktop. Perhaps you need to prepare some videos for training, demos, or other uses? Or make a killer youtube video of some geeky action from your desktop? This will do it! Install with: sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop Now run the app: Applications > Sound

Encode Flash Video with FFmpeg

Encode Flash Video with FFmpeg | How do I encode my video to flash for my website? You don’t need any adobe or other over-priced software. On Linux (and OS X) you can use FFmpeg which is free! On Ubuntu, I suggest you first enable the medibuntu repo. Then install the following: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libavcodec-extra-52 The following command will