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Search for 777 Directories of Common Name

Search for 777 Directories of Common Name | With a simple find command, it is possible to locate similar named directories that are 777. I’ll show you how! This will identify public_html directories under /home that are 777: $ sudo find /home -name ‘public_html’ -type d -perm 777 Alter as desired, for example: $ sudo find /var/www/ -name ‘httpdocs’ -type d -perm 777

Check Apache Permissions

Check Apache Permissions | How can I check Apache permissions for world writeable files or directories? You can use the find command to check for 777 (world writeable) directories and files. This command searches for directories that are 777 in /var/www/: sudo find /var/www/ -type d -perm -002 And this command searches for files that are 777 in /var/www/: