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CyanogenMod CM7 Fix for Choppy 720p Video Recording

CyanogenMod CM7 Fix for Choppy 720p Video Recording | CyanogenMod 7 is the premier Android distribution. However 720p video record is sometimes problematic on certain model phones in that frames drop giving choppy and poor quality video. Alas there is a fix! I picked up this tip from a user on xda-developer.This will fix the choppy video by lowering the bitrate which is a

flac – Audio Codec of Choice

flac – Audio Codec of Choice | Similar to MP3 (but lossless), flac is an audio codec for your music. Instead of ripping to MP3, consider ripping to flac! flac stands for free lossless audio codec Why choose flac? flac is awesome for various reasons: Entire original source file is retained (excellent for CD archiving _with_ metatags!) Zero quality loss (lossless) Can

Amazon Cloud Player and Cloud Drive Review

Amazon Cloud Player and Cloud Drive Review | scottlinux here with a quick review of the Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player. I love Amazon mp3s and their Cloud Player for many reasons: Purchased music is not tied to any one device or any device. No DRM! Play from anywhere you have an internet connection. Your music is always available! Upload your

Android Most Wanted Features

Android Most Wanted Features | Here are my most wanted fixes for Android! You can help out by starring the bug reports. None of these are fixed as of the latest Android 2.3. Warning: rant mode is on. Issue 2630: Email app uses base64 encoding for plain text messages Yes, the Android email app cannot send plain text emails. Emails

FxCamera for Android

FxCamera for Android | I ran across a neat free Android app called FxCamera. It takes photos with a variety of effects, though perhaps the best is the old polaroid. Check out these pics I took with my Android phone: An old Ubuntu mug from the 70s A pic of @scottlinux from back in the 70s For more details,

Quake 3 on Android

Quake 3 on Android | Yes Quake 3 runs pretty well on the Samsung Captivate. The controls are the only weak part. Quake is difficult without a mouse! (For me, at least.) Video is below: