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osx – check your browser security – check your browser security | Qualys has a free website that scans your web browser for any pending security updates. Here is the link: The site works for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. On Windows, the scan will even show any pending Windows security updates that need to be applied. Here are some screenshots!

Tunnel DNS through ssh -D socks proxy

Tunnel DNS through ssh -D socks proxy | When using ssh -D to setup a socks proxy, DNS queries and DNS traffic are not sent through the ssh tunnel. However, with Firefox a config change can be made to send DNS traffic through the ssh tunnel. Here’s how it works! First, establish an ssh proxy: $ ssh -D 9000 user@host Then in Firefox,

Transmission Blocklist URL

Transmission Blocklist URL | The bittorrent client Transmission has the ability to subscribe to a P2P blocklist. There are many blocklist URLs out there. I’ll show you one that works well. The following blocklist URL is an excellent choice: Site: Example Update URL: In Transmission, paste this Update URL into the Preferences under Privacy. Click Update and