How to Relay Mail from TWC Home Connections

By | 2016/02/14

If you are like me, you have some Linux machines at home or a workstation which would benefit from relaying mail out for logwatch, owncloud emails, cron errors, or other reasons like perhaps a home mail server. If using Time Warner this is how to relay mail from home without being dropped or marked as spam!


Use this host to relay mail when on a TWC network:

1. First, install postfix

sudo apt-get install postfix

If prompted, select internet site.

2. Next, edit the postfix config file

sudo vim /etc/postfix/

Locate the line which says relayhost = which should be blank by default. Change that to

relayhost =

Save the file.

3. Finally, restart postfix

sudo systemctl restart postfix

Done. Mail will be delivered ok using TWC’s mail relay. No authentication is required if on TWC’s network.


One thought on “How to Relay Mail from TWC Home Connections

  1. Brian

    Will this still work if you have a residential, dynamic IP, and no registered domain name?


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