How to Connect to RHEV with virt-manager

By | 2016/01/09

The Linux desktop app virt-manager can connect to a RHEV hypervisor directly to manage VMs. Check it out!


1. First, install virt-manager on your workstation. In this example, I’m using Fedora.

sudo dnf install virt-manager

2. Also before connecting, root ssh access needs to be enabled to the hypervisor (RHEV-H). To do this, ssh into your RHEV hypervisor (ssh admin@the_hypervsior) to access the ncurses menu.

Under the Security tab, enable SSH password authentication.


Under the RHEV-M tab, set the root password.


It’s Go Time

1. Now back on your Linux workstation, start virt-manager.

Add a connection to a remote host with the following:

Method: SSH
Username: root
Hostname: the hostname or ip of your RHEV hypervisor


2. Click Connect and you will be prompted for the RHEV hypervisor’s root password.


3. A second box will pop up that is titled ‘Authentication required’. For this, enter the following:

Authentication name: vdsm@rhevh
Password: shibboleth

4. When successful, all of the VMs on the hypervisor will then be visible in virt-manager.


It is possible to do various actions such as start, stop, or pause a vm and more. For monitoring, I only seem to have CPU graphs working (no memory, disk, or network) but perhaps that is due to my particular setup. When I find out more I’ll update the post.




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