How to Configure Route53 DNS for an ELB in AWS

By | 2015/03/09

Amazon Web Services or AWS has a unique feature for managing DNS with their load balancer. Here is how to configure DNS in Route53 for an ELB!

Route53 offers a DNS record type AWS calls an A Alias. This is something Amazon created just for AWS and works great for managing DNS for an ELB.

In Route53, create an A Alias record which points to the ELB endpoint.

If in the same AWS account, a dropdown will appear at Alias Target to select the desired ELB.



Also be sure to create an AAAA Alias pointing to the same ELB for IPv6!

Alternatively the ELB dualstack endpoint can be pasted in manually as the Alias Target. This exact address can be found under the EC2 > Load Balancer section.


Below is the output of the host command for an example site using this configuration:

$ host                                                     has address                                                   has address                                                    has IPv6 address 2406:da00:ff00::36e1:afde                                   has IPv6 address 2406:da00:ff00::3213:7ac8                                   mail is handled by 30                               mail is handled by 40                                 mail is handled by 50                                 mail is handled by 10                                    mail is handled by 20