How To | SSL Certificate for AWS ELB

By | 2014/10/09

Amazon’s SSL cert configuration for their load balancer (ELB) requires the private key be in a particular format. Here is the how to!

This guide follows this name scheme: -> the private key -> public cert issued by the SSL cert provider
intermediate.crt -> intermediate cert issued by the SSL cert provider

First, run the following command to create an RSA private key as required by AWS ELB:

$ openssl rsa -in -outform PEM -out

Next, paste in the following to the AWS ELB ssl certificate config, parts 1, 2, and 3 as shown in the screenshot. The private key to be used is the new .pem key generated above.

1. (Private Key)

2. (Public Key Certificate)

3. intermediate.crt (Certificate Chain)