Read Root Mail Locally With alpine

By | 2014/06/09

Here is a way to receive and read root mail locally with alpine on Debian Linux. Check it out!

1. Edit the file /etc/aliases and set root mail to go to your personal user account.

$ sudo vim /etc/aliases

When finished editing, run:

$ sudo newaliases

For example, I have root mail going to my user stmiller:

# /etc/aliases
mailer-daemon: postmaster
postmaster: root
nobody: root
hostmaster: root
usenet: root
news: root
webmaster: root
www: root
ftp: root
abuse: root
noc: root
security: root
root: stmiller
"/etc/aliases" 14L, 200C                                                 1,1           All

2. Install alpine

$ sudo apt-get install alpine

3. Finally, read mail with alpine! For example I read local root mail on systems that are temporary, have no PTR (or no ability to set proper PTR records in DNS), cannot send out email, or systems that I just want to easily view local mail or check for cron errors.