Current Status and Critical View of Digital Ocean

By | 2014/01/11

So Digital Ocean is the new rising hot VPS provider. At that expense, there are some things this young provider is still working out. Digital Ocean is still growing and I am sure these things will be worked out in the future. Here are a list of could be deal breakers at the time of this post:

Cannot create AAAA records in Digital Ocean’s DNS panel

No IPv6 available

OS images are out of date and not kept current

Capacity is often met with no warning at various data centers

Making changes to your VPS could give you a new IP (undesirable)

Only one IP address per VPS

No way to check total bandwidth usage

All VPSes are created with root account active and ssh enabled for root

No SLES or Red Hat Enterprise Linux available


No Gentoo

One thought on “Current Status and Critical View of Digital Ocean

  1. freebsd

    consider that digital ocean can be as little as $5 a month. Your new provider has a minimum of $20 but the offerings do seem better at Linode that what I remember, maybe because of digital ocean.


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