How to Find a Wordlist / Dictionary / Password List

By | 2013/12/05

Q: How can I find a good wordlist? A: I’ll give you some tips!

A wordlist or password list is useful for automated brute forcing apps as well as for cracking password hashes. Many security researchers have their own wordlist, or multiple ones that are often many GB in size.

There are some large wordlists on the piratebay:

Another good option is After the many recent database hacks such as linkedin and other sites, lists of the passwords have been leaked all over the place. These lists can often be more useful than a wordlist because they are actual passwords rather than just a dictionary list of words.

Linkedin Passwords

Adobe Passwords

Many others:

And this is a nifty twitter account:

Hack on,


One thought on “How to Find a Wordlist / Dictionary / Password List

  1. Swine Pig

    DOn’t forget about the split command, which will probably be essential when using wordlists larger than 2GB.


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