Linux: ‘Why do my fonts look so bad?!’ Here is a fix!

By | 2013/11/25

Microsoft holds patents on particular font rendering technology for LCDs. Most distros remove any patent protected fonts and as a result fonts look bad on LCDs. But there is a fix!

These two reddit threads came out about the same time with some discussion:

For openSUSE 13.1 users, there is a repo to add to yast that will provide better fonts:

For Fedora users, check out this repo:

Ubuntu users may want to check out this post:

And Debian:

For more on the patent, has a FAQ-type of page here:

One thought on “Linux: ‘Why do my fonts look so bad?!’ Here is a fix!

  1. Scott Miller Post author

    After making this change on my Debian PC, my eyes do not feel as strained. If you have time, see if these fonts work for you. It is a noticeable difference.


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