How to Compile TrueCrypt from Source on Debian Linux

By | 2013/10/24

For the paranoid, it is possible to compile TrueCrypt from source on Debian Linux. Here is how to do it!

1. First download the TrueCrypt source from

-> Mac OS X / Linux .tar.gz

2. Next, extract the download then change into the extracted directory.

$ tar xf 'TrueCrypt 7.1a Source.tar.gz'

$ cd truecrypt-7.1a-source/

3. Install some needed packages:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential nasm pkg-config wx2.8-headers libwxbase2.8-dev libwxgtk2.8-dev libfuse-dev libfuse2 libgtk2.0-dev 

4. Grab pkcs headers

The README in the TrueCrypt source outlines needing the following files from this website, specifically. Note that other sources of pkcs11 may not work to compile TrueCrypt.

$ wget
$ wget
$ wget

5. Now build TrueCrypt with make:

$ make

6. Done!

If the build completes successfully, cd to the Main directory where you will have the freshly compiled TrueCrypt binary.

$ cd Main/

$ ./truecrypt

Enjoy freshly compiled TrueCrypt: