IPv6 Status of Major Websites

By | 2013/10/03

Ok. It’s October 2013. What is the status of major websites and IPv6?

Here are the top 10 websites taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most_popular_websites :

facebook.com	IPv4 and IPv6
google.com	IPv4 and IPv6
youtube.com	IPv4 and IPv6
yahoo.com	IPv4 and IPv6
baidu.com	IPv4
wikipedia.org	IPv4 and IPv6
live.com	IPv4
amazon.com	IPv4
qq.com		IPv4 and IPv6
twitter.com	IPv4

And other notable sites:

reddit.com	IPv4
ebay.com	IPv4
microsoft.com	IPv4
apple.com	IPv4 and IPv6
bbc.co.uk	IPv4
flickr.com	IPv4
thepiratebay.sx IPv4
imgur.com	IPv4
craigslist.org	IPv4
news.ycombinator.com IPv4
kernel.org	IPv4
linux.com 	IPv4

:/ <--- sad face

IT friends, I urge you to offer your company’s website over IPv6. Make the initial goal for just one website – your company’s main page. This makes your IT staff look well versed in IPv6 and more forward thinking.