Bitmessage How-to for Debian and Ubuntu Linux

By | 2013/07/26

Bitmessage is the hip new way to send encrypted messages directly to another person, or a group of persons. No server or middle man is involved!

Bitmessage is easy to setup and use. Here are some instructions for Debian or Ubuntu Linux:

First install some needed packages:

$ sudo apt-get install python openssl git python-qt4

Next download Bitmessage:

$ git clone $HOME/PyBitmessage

Finally, run Bitmessage:

$ cd $HOME/PyBitmessage/src/ && python

After the app starts, the first thing you will want to do is create a new Identity.

This can be done by clicking on Your Identities > New


I suggest to create a passphrase so you can use Bitmessage on another computer. Also click the check box at the bottom ‘Spend several minutes…’.


When complete, you will have your shiny new Bitmessage address! You can now send and receive Bitmessages. Be sure to connect to Bitmessage often to not miss any messages. You can be offline for up to two days. After that end pending messages trying to reach you will expire.


A test echo address you can send to is:


Feel free to send me a note via Bitmessage! My Bitmessage address is:


Bitmessage is pretty darn secure.

7 thoughts on “Bitmessage How-to for Debian and Ubuntu Linux

  1. whatever

    Why does it generate eight addresses by default? Are those separate identities, or is there some technical reason to require eight?

  2. 165175

    How do I backup Bitmessage so I can restore it on a new system?

  3. Tintzin Fyral

    sent you a ping via Bitmessage. Cheers!

  4. Choperro

    There are several things, among the few explained, that are very very unclear.
    When/why use strange long address instead of passphrase?
    It works only if both are connected?
    “After that end pending messages trying to reach you will expire.” Expire from where if there is no middle nothing? Where are they kept?
    How you add buddies? what kind of the many kind of addresses u use? Are they exchangeable (same ue)? …? …?


  5. andres

    who aplicat bitmessage wicth others plataformas, hotmail, gmail, outlook

  6. Alex

    I have a yellow poit and i can not take messenge just send


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