Enable KDE style for Iceweasel and other GTK apps in Debian

By | 2013/07/23

Iceweasel under KDE in Debian needs some help to get the KDE look and appearance. Here is a good tip for Iceweasel users!

First install the following packages:

sudo apt-get install kde-config-gtk-style qtcurve lxappearance

Next, go to Systems Settings > Application Appearance > GTK Configuration

On Select a GTK2 Theme pick QtCurve and Apply.




3 thoughts on “Enable KDE style for Iceweasel and other GTK apps in Debian

  1. Tim

    Hi and thanks for the guide, not always too easy to locate the name of the needed packages. I got QtCurve installed and it seems like all my GTK applications respect it’s theme.

    However it seems GTK applications still use the default icon theme Oxygen. How can I fix this? Everything else seems to use the correct icon theme.
    (note the “close” button etc)

  2. kaddy

    Nice Tutorial… but you do not need lxappearance nor did you even use it in this tut.


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