How to Flash WRT56GL from DD-WRT to Tomato (Shibby)

By | 2013/06/13

Upgrading your trusty Linksys WRT54GL router from DD-WRT to Tomato is possible but takes a few steps. I’ll show you how!

This process involves a total of three steps (three flashes) to end with Shibby’s Tomato firmware.

1. First, downgrade your existing DD-WRT version to a special mini Web flashing version.

You can search for WRT54GL on this page:

Specifically, use this image:

v24 SP1 [Stable] Build 10020

> Mini-Build required for initial flashing via WEB dd-wrt.v24_mini_generic.bin


After flashing, remember the default DD-WRT login is root / admin.

2. Next, grab this base Tomato download to flash a base version of Tomato and replace DD-WRT:


Extract the .zip, and flash this image:


When the router reboots it will be Tomato.


3. And finally it is possible to flash the more fancy Shibby version of Tomato.

The download area of the Shibby website has all of the current Firmwares:

Any K26 MIPSR1 Mini images will work for WRT54GL.


For example I want IPv6 to use an IPv6 tunnel, so I flashed this specific image:


Direct Link

There are also Mini images for VPN if you need a VPN. The WRT54GL does not have enough room for tons of features so you must decide what image is best for your use case.

Note that builds 108 and later did not fit on my router, as perhaps the images were a tad too big.

IPv6 fans:

Shibby’s Tomato version has extremely easy setup for’s IPv6 tunnel. Check out this post for more info.

04_ddwrt_tomato 05_ddwrt_tomato