How to Use the Tor Browser Bundle on Linux

By | 2013/06/10

The quickest and easiest way to connect to Tor in Linux is to use the Tor Browser Bundle. I’ll show you how it works!

First, download the latest Linux copy for either 32 or 64 bit:

->Tor Browser Bundle for Linux

01-torbundle 02-torbundle
Next, extract that download.

In the folder, click on and run start-tor-browser.


The Vidalia Control Panel starts and connects to Tor.


And finally, the Tor Browser will start and auto-connects to Tor. This browser and connection is completely independent of your computer’s other browsers and other network connections. Tor is self-contained to this special browser!


When finished, clicking Exit on the Vidalia Control Panel quits and Tor Browser and completely disconnects from the Tor network. Cool!