How to Install KDE Desktop in Debian Linux

By | 2013/04/27

Gnome 3 in Debian not for you? Try KDE in Debian Wheezy!

To install KDE desktop in Debian Wheezy, install this meta-package:

$ sudo apt-get install kde-standard


This will pull in needed KDE packages for a desktop.


If switching from gnome, during the process you will be asked what login manager to use: gdm or kdm. If going to KDE, select KDM.


When all finished, reboot and you will come to a nice shiny KDE login screen. Here before logging in, click on the gear wheel and choose KDE Plasma Workspace.

04_kde_debian 05_kde_debian

I also suggest installing the KDE package manager on Debian, apper.

$ sudo apt-get install apper

KDE Rocks! How do I remove gnome?

To totally remove gnome, the command is:

$ sudo apt-get remove gnome*

Once this complete, run:

$ sudo apt-get autoremove