How to Install Apache in Windows

By | 2012/10/21

To install Apache in Windows, use builds available from the Apache Lounge. The Apache Lounge provides current up-to-date Apache releases compiled with current versions of OpenSSL for best security. This is preferred over Windows builds as does not maintain OpenSSL security updates.

The download link is:

At the time of this post, the most current version available is Apache 2.4.3 with OpenSSL 1.0.1c.

1. Download Apache 2.4.3 IPv6 and Crypto enabled.


1b. (Note you will possibly need this Microsoft package installed first before proceeding!)

2. Unzip the Apache zip file to your Desktop. Next, drag the folder called Apache24 to C:/.

The ServerRoot by default with this build is C:/Apache24. If you want to put the Apache files in another location, note that you will have to change the ServerRoot in httpd.conf.


3. Next, install Apache as a service for Windows. Crack open a command prompt, and cd to c:\Apache24\bin

cd c:\Apache24\bin

Install as a service with:

httpd.exe -k install



4. If you get a Firewall box pop-up, click to Unblock Apache.


5. Now Apache is a regular Windows Service. Crack open services.msc to start the service Apache24.


6. Navigate to http://localhost to see if you see the default ‘It works!’ page.

Done! The default folder for your webpage is the DocumentRoot C:\Apache24\htdocs

Need PHP? The Apache Lounge builds work great with PHP from