How-To Tor and Windows with Internet Explorer

By | 2012/10/10

It is possible to use Tor with Internet Explorer in Windows. I’ll show you how!

First, install the Vidalia Bundle for Windows from the Tor download page:

Vidalia Bundle


Once the bundle has been installed, start Vidalia.

Next, go to the Connections tab of Internet Options and click on LAN settings.

Check to use a proxy and put in the following proxy settings:

Address: Port: 8118


To verify Tor connectivity, visit:



4 thoughts on “How-To Tor and Windows with Internet Explorer

  1. Jaime

    I had no clue you could use Tor for Internet Explorer! 😉 The screenshots are super useful and worth the extra time it took for you to include them. As usual, the stuff you know amazes me. I’m bookmarking to come back and took a look when I get some extra time. Keep up the great posts!

  2. Mac Sullivan

    I have not been able to get this to work with any browser but the one included in the bundle. I have done this exactly as you have said and portrayed in the screenshots. I have done this according to different tutorials (all say the same thing as you), and done it based on only yours five times, reverting my changes in between each attempt, and rebooting entirely between a couple of them (both after changing, and reverting). All I get is IE’s hiddeous “The proxy server is not responding” Bulls**t. I am becoming quite angry as I have been trying this for weeks with different browsers (even downloading Safari, Opera, Chrome, [original] Firefox, etc…), and NOTHING WORKS. I read the comments on the other tutorial pages and they say s**t like “works like a charm, thank you so much.” and “Worked great. Much easier than anticipated.”…

    I am becoming very angry (as mentioned, but as reinforcement, I A M A N G R Y…), and am confused as to why EVERYONE BUT ME can make this work.

    Please help me sort this out A.S.A.P. before I douse my computer in gasoline.

    Thanks in advanced, and sorry for the rant.

  3. Alex

    Me too, the same thing, seems something has changed since 2012, now 2014 only works with fucking shit of firefox only 1 instance browser

  4. Scott Miller Post author

    The ‘Vidalia Bundle’ is no longer made. There is now an Expert Bundle you could try.


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