Create HTML Reports with Nikto Web Server Scanner

By | 2012/07/12

The open source web server scanner Nikto can create excellent HTML reports. I’ll show you how!

In your nikto scan options, use tack capital F htm to signify the output format as html.

Below is an example command:

$ nikto -h -Display V -F htm -output niktoscan.html

Click to view an example HTML report (opens in new window)


2 thoughts on “Create HTML Reports with Nikto Web Server Scanner

  1. Brian

    I am a newbie, so please pardon my lack of knowledge. How do I access the html report? I ran NIKTO against my target and now need to view the report.

  2. jose alvarez

    basically the location is based on the way your write the output… for example say i write my output like this -output c:\users\jon.doe\desktop\nikto_scan_results then the file will appear on jon.does desktop named nikto_scan_results


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