Display System Monitoring Information with phpSysInfo

By | 2012/06/20

phpSysInfo is an awesome PHP script that displays system and other monitoring information for Linux. phpSysInfo pulls data from /proc and other locations to display on an easy to read page.

On Ubuntu or Debian, install phpsysinfo with:

$ sudo apt-get install phpsysinfo

The config file is then located in:


Debian / Ubuntu Security concern:

Note that on Debian/Ubuntu installing this package automatically creates a symlink under /var/www/phpsysinfo pointing to /usr/share/phpsysinfo! Visitng http://ipaddress/phpsysinfo should show your page.

This can be further restricted by removing that symlink:

$ sudo rm /var/www/phpsysinfo

And then creating a proper config file such as this which allows localhost access only:

$ sudo nano /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpsysinfo.conf

Alias /phpsysinfo /usr/share/phpsysinfo
<Location /phpsysinfo>
    Options None
    Order deny,allow
    Deny from all
    Allow from localhost

The demo page has a sneak peak to see phpsysinfo in action:



It is possible to add monitoring for information such as hard drive SMART data, system fans and temperatures, and more. An alternative to setting up nagios or other servers, simply tossing in this script will provide a quick page with all the needed information for a host. Restricting access to the page is recommended of course for good security!