Transmission Blocklist URL

By | 2012/05/24

The bittorrent client Transmission has the ability to subscribe to a P2P blocklist. There are many blocklist URLs out there. I’ll show you one that works well.

The following blocklist URL is an excellent choice:


Example Update URL:

In Transmission, paste this Update URL into the Preferences under Privacy. Click Update and you are all set.



4 thoughts on “Transmission Blocklist URL

  1. R.I.

    Yes, thank you. I’d just finished downloading and installing the Level1 list from when I saw your more convenient URL.

    I hope Level1 will accomplish what I need. Does anyone have experience to know if a more sophisticated “combined list” is needed? And if so, the URL for this “combined list”. I keep reading that BOGON is another useful list to include, so a URL for Level1+BOGON list might be handy to have if I get dinged for Copyright issues using just the Level1 list.

  2. HolkFoor

    Thank you! It works perfectly.
    I marked your site in my favorites.


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