Privacy Search Engine

By | 2012/04/03

Privacy and the internet is a hot topic, especially in regards to search engines. There are, however, a few alternatives available that can be used for more privacy in searching or as an all around replacement for your current home page.

For an alternative to Google or Bing, there are a couple of search engines that have a very clear privacy policy and do not record or track users.


DuckDuckGo is increasing in popularity. There is a very clear privacy policy as well as an illustrated guide here. 🙂

DuckDuckGo results are higher quality as they filter out much of the garbage and spam on the internet.

01_duckduckgo 02_duckduckgo

Start Page

Start Page (aka ixquick) is an awesome search engine that goes to extreme measures to retain your privacy. Full proxy protection is also available with a click (no need for ctunnel, vtunnel, etc). Start Page is also unique in that the searches are powered by Google, so your results are an actual Google search which submitted on your behalf anonymously.


Related note:
What happened to Scroogle?

Scroogle was a service that submitted results anonymously to Google that went down in smoke in quite a bit of drama.