Install aircrack-ng on Debian Linux

By | 2012/01/13

Q: How do I install aircrack-ng on Debian?

Debian does not include aircrack-ng in its repositories. Compiling aircrack on Debian is not as bad as it sounds. I’ll show you how!

First install these needed packages:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev subversion checkinstall

Next, run the following commands.

$ svn co aircrack-ng
$ cd aircrack-ng

$ make

$ sudo checkinstall --fstrans=no

Here are example values I used, if you are asked during the checkinstall. These values are not critical if this package is only for you. You may need to set number 3 (version) to perhaps the date.

This package will be built according to these values: 

0 -  Maintainer: [ root@brahms ]
1 -  Summary: [ aircrack-ng ]
2 -  Name:    [ aircrack ]
3 -  Version: [ 20120113 ]
4 -  Release: [ 1 ]
5 -  License: [ GPL ]
6 -  Group:   [ checkinstall ]
7 -  Architecture: [ amd64 ]
8 -  Source location: [ aircrack-ng ]
9 -  Alternate source location: [  ]
10 - Requires: [  ]
11 - Provides: [ aircrack ]
12 - Conflicts: [  ]
13 - Replaces: [  ]

Enter a number to change any of them or press ENTER to continue: 

And then we are done! Checkinstall automatically installs the deb which you can cleanly remove at any time.


 Done. The new package has been installed and saved to


 You can remove it from your system anytime using: 

      dpkg -r aircrack


One last command to update airodump-ng’s OUI file:

$ sudo airodump-ng-oui-update

$ sudo airodump-ng-oui-update 
[*] Downloading IEEE OUI file...
[*] Parsing OUI file...
[*] Airodump-ng OUI file successfully updated


$ aircrack-ng --help

  Aircrack-ng 1.1 r2028 - (C) 2006-2010 Thomas d'Otreppe
  Original work: Christophe Devine

  usage: aircrack-ng [options] <.cap / .ivs file(s)>

  Common options:

      -a  : force attack mode (1/WEP, 2/WPA-PSK)
      -e  : target selection: network identifier
      -b  : target selection: access point's MAC
      -p  : # of CPU to use  (default: all CPUs)
      -q         : enable quiet mode (no status output)
      -C   : merge the given APs to a virtual one
      -l   : write key to file

  Static WEP cracking options:

      -c         : search alpha-numeric characters only
      -t         : search binary coded decimal chr only
      -h         : search the numeric key for Fritz!BOX
      -d   : use masking of the key (A1:XX:CF:YY)
      -m  : MAC address to filter usable packets
      -n  : WEP key length :  64/128/152/256/512
      -i  : WEP key index (1 to 4), default: any
      -f  : bruteforce fudge factor,  default: 2
      -k  : disable one attack method  (1 to 17)
      -x or -x0  : disable bruteforce for last keybytes
      -x1        : last keybyte bruteforcing  (default)
      -x2        : enable last  2 keybytes bruteforcing
      -X         : disable  bruteforce   multithreading
      -y         : experimental  single bruteforce mode
      -K         : use only old KoreK attacks (pre-PTW)
      -s         : show the key in ASCII while cracking
      -M    : specify maximum number of IVs to use
      -D         : WEP decloak, skips broken keystreams
      -P    : PTW debug:  1: disable Klein, 2: PTW
      -1         : run only 1 try to crack key with PTW

  WEP and WPA-PSK cracking options:

      -w  : path to wordlist(s) filename(s)

  WPA-PSK options:

      -E   : create EWSA Project file v3
      -J   : create Hashcat Capture file
      -S         : WPA cracking speed test

  Other options:

      -u         : Displays # of CPUs & MMX/SSE support
      --help     : Displays this usage screen

35 thoughts on “Install aircrack-ng on Debian Linux

  1. lefty

    When running checkinstall, i get this error, and building the package fails:

    dpkg-deb: error: parsing file ‘/var/tmp/tmp.3PjV3rqJfk/package/DEBIAN/control’ near line 7 package ‘aircrack’:
    error in Version string ‘ng-1’: version number does not start with digit
    /var/tmp/tmp.3PjV3rqJfk/dpkgbuild.log (END)

    Running LinuxMint Debian Edition amd64.

    1. scott Post author
      Enter a number to change any of them or press ENTER to continue:

      When it gets to this part, change the version number (Option 3) to something like, the date in all digits.

      It is erroring out as it is looking for a digit there.

      1. Hardik

        Thank You Very Much I Have Try Lots Of Another way To Instal But Finallly I got Aircrack Using Your Methodology

  2. lefty

    Yep, that did it. Thank you.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. ZackTheBuzz

    Hi to all!
    When i give the command sudo checkinstall, it fail with following error
    install -d /usr/local/man/man1
    install: unable to change permission on “/usr/local/man/man1”: File or directory not exist
    make[1]: *** [install] Error 1

    Any advice?

  4. ZackTheBuzz

    Just created manually the dir man1 under /usr/local/man ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Taz

    Thanks so much for this. I’m running Antix, and couldn’t quite get my make install of a different 1.1 download to compile. Cheers!

  6. mosar

    Thanks very much. I don’t understand why Debian from standard repo show me aircrack-ng is newest version. “Aircrack-ng 1.1 – (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Thomas d’Otreppe” is not newest version :/


    I have successfully install the soft ware.Can you help me to know how i am going to start running the program .

  8. Anon

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it helped quite a bit!

  9. aztk

    Thanks bro!

    It works also on Ubuntu 12.04 ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Jim

    Says the link doesn’t appear to be a url and i checked to make sure it was the same as what you wrote.

  11. Benjamin

    Jim – aircrack-ng’s forums appear to have suffered an attack, which I’m assuming has led to them also not having the trac sub-domain online for us to access the SVN.

    Hopefully they’ll have it sorted soon.

    1. scott Post author

      Yeah the aircrack project has had some recent problems, and the svn checkout is down. You can grab a tarball instead from their site.

      1. Jim

        Hi again, I have attempted for around 2 hours to install aircrack using various attempts. I’m going to list each method that i almost got results from and I hope you can help me using one of the methods if you know how to fix my problem. One method was using your method except I downloaded a .tar file from the website, and used “cd aircrack-ng-1.1” then used “make” and it gave me a error similar if not exact to the man on this link:
        (i translated his text using google translate)
        i tried his method of fixing it and it did not work or maybe i did not understand how to continue it.
        Also I downloaded “aircrack-ng_1.0~beta1-1_amd64.deb” from:
        and opened this with Gdebi. This gave me the option to install package. When i did so it told me “failed to completely install all dependencies. To fix this run ‘sudo apt-get install -f’ which i did and repeated install with same results. I am running on Linux mint debian 64bit please help

          1. Jim

            Can you step me through how to compile this. I downloaded it via link but when i open it im not very sure on what to do. And i cant use the terminal very well, but if you step me through it i can. Sorry i am new to this, especially linux.

          2. Jim

            I did as you said and i did
            happen to find out how to work it. But i got all down to sudo checkinstall and i got this towards the end:
            ======================== Installation successful ==========================

            Copying documentation directory…

            Copying files to the temporary directory…OK

            Stripping ELF binaries and libraries…OK

            Compressing man pages…OK

            Building file list…OK

            Building Debian package… FAILED!

            *** Failed to build the package

            Do you want to see the log file? [y]:

            idk what to make of the “Building Debian package… FAILED!”

  12. aro

    can you briefly explain how do I compile from the tarball?


  13. dima

    Enter a number to change any of them or press ENTER to continue:

    Installing with make install…

    ========================= Installation results ===========================
    make: *** No rule to make target `install’. Stop.

    **** Installation failed. Aborting package creation.

    Cleaning up…OK


    now what?

  14. victormatus

    Muchas gracias por el aporte, saludos de Mรฉxico.

  15. xdcfan

    de mucha ayduda corre en Linux Mint Maya amd64 sin problemas.
    salu2 desde chile

  16. xurnia

    i have this problem
    and how to resolve this problem

    sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev subversion checkinstall
    Reading package lists… Done
    Building dependency tree
    Reading state information… Done
    build-essential is already the newest version.
    The following extra packages will be installed:
    libssl-doc libsvn1 zlib1g-dev
    Suggested packages:
    gettext subversion-tools db5.1-util
    The following NEW packages will be installed:
    checkinstall libssl-dev libssl-doc libsvn1 subversion zlib1g-dev
    0 upgraded, 6 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.
    E: Could not get lock /var/cache/apt/archives/lock – open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
    E: Unable to lock directory /var/cache/apt/archives/

    1. Scott Miller Post author

      Hey thanks that just means another program on your computer is currently using apt-get right now. I suggest waiting a minute or two and trying again.

      Or if you see any sort of software install/update program running, close that program first. Thanks,

  17. Yusufbeck

    hi guys . i need helps….) i have one question ?! where i will take packages (#data) ?

  18. miniminiyo

    Very thx.Its works fine,only,after

    dkpg -r aircrack ,you should indicate use ‘dpkg -i name.deb’ for install this

  19. IvoAndr

    Hi and thank you for this post! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Command make runs, but at the end I get this:

    /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lnl-genl-3
    collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
    make[1]: *** [wpaclean] Error 1
    make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/ivoandr/aircrack-ng/src’
    make: *** [all] Error 2

    Can you help?

  20. c

    thank you. very useful.
    altough i also had to install “pkg-config” and “libnl-dev”

  21. terranova-15

    Hi, don’t you need to also patch drivers? Debian has not patched drivers, did I miss something?


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