pfSense – Free Open Source Firewall

By | 2011/08/20

pfSense is an excellent customization of FreeBSD for use either as a firewall or a router.

FreeBSD is known for powering many commercial and large enterprise firewall appliances. pfSense gives you that same extensive feature set in a version you can install yourself on your own hardware or purchase pre-installed by many vendors.

pfSense is perhaps overkill for your two bedroom apartment but is excellent for a data center border firewall, ISP firewall, small/large business or corporation firewall and so forth.

If you are looking for a free open source commercial-grade firewall or gateway, tell your boss pfSense is the one!

Below is the scottlinux screenshot review of the stable version 1.2.3 displaying the incredible amount of options.

Some big points are:

  • Insane packet filtering and rule sets
  • Connection limiting rules
  • Built-in load balancing / failover routing
  • Packet normalization (google that)
  • VPN options: ipsec, openvpn, pptp
  • Schedule firewall rules
  • Extensive packet shaper with ‘penalty box’
  • Diagnostics – traceroute/ping from your firewall
  • Show arp/routing tables/states
  • All of the NTP/DHCP/ etc regular router services you would expect
  • Extensive logging
  • Packet capture for troubleshooting
  • Captive portal / radius
  • CARP built-in (failover thing – not the fish)

PS the default web interface login is:

user: admin
password: pfsense

Here are some screenshots!


Check it out:

Vendors selling hardware with pfSense pre-installed.