CyanogenMod CM7 Fix for Choppy 720p Video Recording

By | 2011/08/14

CyanogenMod 7 is the premier Android distribution. However 720p video record is sometimes problematic on certain model phones in that frames drop giving choppy and poor quality video. Alas there is a fix!

I picked up this tip from a user on xda-developer.

This will fix the choppy video by lowering the bitrate which is a pros/cons sort of thing. The video quality will go down a tad in order to gain smooth video.

To edit this xml file, you will need:

ES File Explorer (free)

First, in the ES File Explorer settings, enable Root Explorer and temporarily enable Mount File System as writable.

Next, navigate and open the /etc directory.


Next find and tap on the file media_profiles.xml.


When prompted, open with ES Note Editor:


Now find the section:

< CamcorderProfiles cameraId="0" >

and change the specified bitrate for HD quality DOWN to a lower level.

I’m using an ATT Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) phone. This bitrate setting was originally set to bitrate = ‘10000000’ though for my phone I lowered it to:

bitrate = '6000000'


When finished editing, hit the Menu button on your phone and SAVE. Then go back to the ES File Explorer settings and UN-check Mount File System as writable.


Then, (very important!) reboot! Changes only go into effect after rebooting.

This works well for my phone to record 720p video with no choppiness! Yay!

As always, YMMV! Adjust your bitrate as desired for your phone to find the right mix of smoothness / quality. Some models may even need to increase the bitrate to get best results. It appears stock captivate was set to 12000000 though for some reason that rate is chop-city for me with CM7.