34 thoughts on “CentOS 6 netinstall URL

  1. Johnnie

    First time ever getting the net install to work. Clear and concise. Thanks for the info.

  2. Diego

    Really clear and concise post. Thanks a lot Scott!!

  3. Carl van Tonder

    You’ve probably realised, but you’re the first result on search engines for “centos 6 netinstall“.

    Which is very helpful! Thanks

    1. scott Post author

      duckduckgo FTW! Thanks glad this article helps,

  4. Chris Smiddy

    Thanks for this as the above posters have stated number 1 result on search engines.

  5. Stefan

    Is there a way to preload the URL string? I.e. like appending the initrd parameter to the kernel?

    If you’re at the console installing, it’s easy to mistype the url, if it can be remembered at all…. surely there must be a more user-friendly way to manage this?

  6. D

    Thanks Cecelia, I couldn’t get mirror.centos.org to work but once I put in the IP it worked great!

  7. Bob Gregor

    Thanks for the tip! Glad google had your great working link as #1!

  8. Mayank

    Extremely helpful! Million times better than installing using a bootable usb (6.2).

  9. Norvan Vogt

    Fantastic, Worked really well keep up the good work

  10. Edgar

    Thanks a lot.

    Clear and direct (concise), i have experience with Debian netinstall process and it’s almost the same, just write the url in the field… (choose a server from the list for Debian)

    Downloading packages right now…
    See you.

  11. windoz killer

    works perfect as documented !
    I use to burn a DVD — this is much quicker and I only kill a
    cheap CD.

  12. hipik

    why there is not the prefilled link in this install, 98% of people are using the default value …

  13. Vincent

    Thanks for this post and Cecelia

    I assume the mirror.centos.org does not work in the case of static IP set since it does not ask for DNS server… took me 45 minutes to figure that out and come here 🙂

  14. Alf

    Thanks very much indeed.
    I was pulling my hair out for ages on this one!


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