Install Flash Player 11 in Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit

By | 2011/07/14

Adobe released Flash Player 11 beta with support for 64bit Linux. Yay!

I’ll show you how to install it for Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit.

Edit: This post is now obsolete. Flash 11 for 64bit Linux is included in most distro repositories now, or directly from Adobe.

First, remove any existing flash player version you may have installed on your system:

$ sudo apt-get remove mint-flashplugin-x64 flashplugin-nonfree flashplayer-mozilla mint-flashplugin mint-flashplugin-square

Now, download the 64bit Linux beta from here.

-> Download plug-in for Linux 64-bit (TAR.GZ 6.7 MB)

Next, QUIT any open browsers.

Now, unpack that download:

$ tar xvf flashplayer11_b1_install_lin_64_071311.tar.gz

Change to that folder:

$ cd flashplayer11_b1_install_lin_64_071311

Install by copying the flash plugin to the correct directory:

$ sudo cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

Also copy the new flash player properties to your system:

$ cd usr/bin/


$ sudo cp flash-player-properties /usr/local/bin

And finally, verify Flash Player 11 is installed OK in Firefox by checking about:plugins



25 thoughts on “Install Flash Player 11 in Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit

  1. Jonathan

    Your directions worked great! By following them, I have 64-bit flash working in Iceweasel 5, Firefox beta (opt directory), and Chromium 13. Thank you!

  2. kurt

    Got my flash working for LMDE 64 on Chromium. Great, thx!

  3. Zyphera

    It works perfectly for me on LMDE 64 with Chromium. Thanks alot!

  4. HD Web Player

    Things been updated. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Irie

    worked perfect for Ubuntu 10.10-64b/ Firefox 7 beta! Thanks a lot! 🙂

  6. dontknowwhatyourdoing

    but this is not working for me with Mint Julia 10.10 gnome trying to add flash player to firefox 8.0

  7. Attila Hooper

    “That was easy”

    I thought Gnash on Squeeze had me by the short hairs. Realized when charts didn’t work. Then I found out that AVM2 swf9 gnash support was gone, I almost puked. Tried Opera, and admittedly I let it remove 170 dependencies. Reinstalled squeeze and followed these instructions, I can’t believe how simple it is.

    Thanks bro’.

  8. Todd

    While everyone screams “easy”, which it is for savvy users, the Linux community must constantly be reminded that as long as a set of instructions like this exists for something as common as adding flash player Linux will never be widely adopted. It will remain the praise of geeks.

    1. scott Post author

      Linux distros like Linux Mint already include Flash Player, so no long page of instructions are needed. Flash just plays and works out of the box.

      This particular post is from July 2011 on how to install the (then) beta flash player 11 from adobe’s website.

      I will probably take down this post soon as it is no longer relevant.

  9. Erik

    Scott do not take down the post. I used it to upgrade to a newer version of flash. The post is still relevant!

  10. ve2atc

    I’m a newbe in Linux. I installed LMDE this week. I was unable to see some videos on the web. Then I tried many things to update the flash player. When I fix the problem for some movie sites, I get another issue on some other ones. Finally I’ve tried this way (many times) with no success. I installed LMDE because I dammaged my root and recovery on my CQ56-134CA (coming with Win7 Family). This PC work especially as TV, so I need a flash plugin up-to-date. Maybe this post is not no longer revelant as far.

    1. scott Post author

      Try Linux Mint 12? Linux Mint Debian Edition is based on Debian Testing and not as user friendly as the regular Mint.

  11. kwaczek

    thanks buddy, u saved my day – Debian 6 – Iceweasel

  12. suraj makwana

    thx its working fully correctly your tutorial is simple at effective thx good job

  13. Yenny Kartika

    Thanks! I worked perfectly on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

    The instruction’s clear enough for the newbie.

  14. Dmitri

    Hello. Thanks for your little tutorial, works great! First tried to install a 64bit version. It didnt work. Later understood that I have a 32bit mozilla and installed a 32bit flash. Now it works fine.

  15. matt

    Great directions! I must be retarded though. still didn’t work. Checking why now.

  16. matt

    Nevermind. i was on virtual box and when I was on my laptop and then it worked.


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