Install Flash Player 11 in Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit

By | 2011/07/14

Adobe released Flash Player 11 beta with support for 64bit Linux. Yay!

I’ll show you how to install it for Linux Mint Debian Edition 64bit.

Edit: This post is now obsolete. Flash 11 for 64bit Linux is included in most distro repositories now, or directly from Adobe.

First, remove any existing flash player version you may have installed on your system:

$ sudo apt-get remove mint-flashplugin-x64 flashplugin-nonfree flashplayer-mozilla mint-flashplugin mint-flashplugin-square

Now, download the 64bit Linux beta from here.

-> Download plug-in for Linux 64-bit (TAR.GZ 6.7 MB)

Next, QUIT any open browsers.

Now, unpack that download:

$ tar xvf flashplayer11_b1_install_lin_64_071311.tar.gz

Change to that folder:

$ cd flashplayer11_b1_install_lin_64_071311

Install by copying the flash plugin to the correct directory:

$ sudo cp /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/

Also copy the new flash player properties to your system:

$ cd usr/bin/


$ sudo cp flash-player-properties /usr/local/bin

And finally, verify Flash Player 11 is installed OK in Firefox by checking about:plugins