Shuttleworth Removes Terminal From Ubuntu 12.04

By | 2011/07/06

Ubuntu 12.04 shipping without a terminal

Mark Shuttleworth announced at the 2011 Ubuntu Developer Summit that Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will be the first release to be shipped without a terminal.


“Times have changed,” Shuttleworth remarked, adding “who uses a terminal anymore? That is a relic of an older Linux I don’t want users to be exposed to.”

When pressed to support his claims, Shuttleworth remarked, “It’s my company. I am the decider. Period.”

PS: This post is a joke inspired by unity and this bug report.

23 thoughts on “Shuttleworth Removes Terminal From Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Interesting Indeed

    “Times have changed,” Shuttleworth remarked, adding “who uses a terminal anymore? That is a relic of an older Linux I don’t want users to be exposed to.”
    When pressed to support his claims, Shuttleworth remarked, “It’s my company. I am the decider. Period.”

    The man has obviously lost his mind and his way. I do most of what I do in linux in gnome terminal. I don’t know what to tell him, but he is obviously on drugs. And if it’s true, and not a joke that he stated that about “It’s my company, I am the decider. Period.”, you will see people finally “get it”. Let’s hope that those whom leave apply their skill sets with other distros that are more geared towards “real gnu/linux use and users.”. If true what you wrote here, this shows with everything that he has been doing with Ubuntu. Which is contrary to what is needed.

    1. scott Post author

      Yep – this entire post is a joke. He never said that. But if you are following the latest Ubuntu and Unity development, you will see that Mark’s comments are not too far off from saying something like this. 🙂

  2. Interesting Indeed

    I was pretty sure this was a joke. 🙂

    But after having my buttons moved from the right to the left for no apparent reason, and unity messing up my way of doing things, I could only “hope” that it was a joke. After 11.04, I could believe that ubuntu would remove the terminal and replace it with some non editable, non movable, and uselsess “improvement”. I don’t follow ubuntu development. After trying unity, I wiped the drive and moved on. That was enough following for a lifetime experiencing that.

  3. peter

    who vant to use a linux distro without terminal? how can I work without terminal I’m scared!
    We will install debian again!!!

  4. Imaz

    Hehe! Didn’t get it was a joke until I read down the page, hardly surprising after the Unity fiasco.

  5. IJR

    Who cares? Why are you guys making so much out of nothing? Just go to the software center and install it from there.
    Problem solved. They removed synaptic and anyone can install it back, same for GIMP. (If they don’t offer it in the software center, I am sure plenty of PPAs will be available.

  6. Atul Kakrana

    Shuttlworth you have lost it completely. Only the people using Linux use terminal and you are going to remove that. I use Linux because of robust terminal. Even script kiddies use it. Linux=terminal. You bloody son of a bitch. What you did with addition of Unity was is unforgivable and you are about to commit the biggest mistake of your life.

    Asshole. Should concentrate on better word processor for Linux, pdf-editor and flexible apps for productivity rather than these shit features and ideas.

    Atul kakrana

    1. abe

      abe gadhe chup beth jada galiya dena ka shok lag raha he

  7. Jimmy James

    Buttons on the right are terible. Apple got it right and set the correct precedent.

  8. Marko Kaligarič

    Fortunately it is just a joke.Without the terminal,I wouldn’t be able to configure Ubuntu 11.10.The removal of synaptic wasn’t a great idea and Ubuntu Software Center is not as good as Synaptic/Gdebi.In addition, Gnome 3 and Unity have both the same problem:Leaks of configuration tools.If you have gnome-terminal, you can set up your machine manually (I mean through the commandline, if you know what has to be done ) without the need of leaving the graphical interface.

    The terminal or console should be never removed by a linux distro: It lets you use a non-graphical environment into a graphical environment…and trust me..there is nothing better than the commandline(Direct command input=direct command output)to see what’s going on your computer and to set it up.

  9. John

    I have only been on Ubuntu for 18 months so I am relatively new. I don’t consider myself a geek or an advanced user by no stretch of the imagination but I certainly know that terminal is a valuable tool that has allowed me to do certain things to my laptop and install software that just doesn’t seem to be in the software centre. My laptop does not connect to the internet unless I install the required driver through terminal. I suggest Mr Shuttleworth you are out of touch with the basic Ubuntu user. Terminal and the ease of its use is one of those things that make Ubuntu the great operating system that it is or maybe now it was. I like Unity but if terminal is gone along with a couple of other things that went in the previous version 11.10 then I am gone also to another distro.

  10. John

    Perhaps Ubuntu you should take spelling lessons Heart is spelt HEART not Herat.

  11. iairu

    You can install terminal back with ubuntu software center :
    Open ubuntu software center > Type in search : gnome-terminal > Install Terminal > Enjoy! 🙂

  12. Jordan

    He or she was probably typing on a tablet or smartphone. And even if they spelled it wrong, you’re not the word police. People who don’t know the language make mistakes.

  13. brummy

    Hang on – don’t panic….
    Full-screen terminal – no ugly graphics….
    Alt-f2 another terminal in case I need a double shot.
    Alt-f7 back to GUI
    I see no problem!

  14. The Genius

    Hey dude maybe you should try expanding that window a little then… VIOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A terminal!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Amar Shukla

    Hated the new unity look of Ubuntu like anything. Who suggested to give a non-user friendly UI. Idiot.


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