How to Be Anonymous on the Web

By | 2011/06/13

It is possible to use varying methods for bypassing web filters or just to have anonymity on the web. Note that these do not offer any security!

Web site tunnel / proxy

Be smart. These services still log information. For instance, Sarah Palin’s yahoo email ‘hacker’ was using ctunnel which handed over info to authorities upon request. If you are in doubt, read the terms of service offered by these services before using!

The quick and easy way to mask your ip address is to use a web site proxy or tunnel such as any of these sites:


Another method is using the Tor network. Tor makes your ip address seem like you are coming from another location through sophisticated onion routing.

Option 1: It is possible to setup your web browser connection for Tor with a Firefox Add On.

Option 2: Another way is to boot a Tails live CD in VirtualBox or your desired VM of choice.

To do this, first obtain the latest Tails ISO image.

Then boot this CD either on your computer or as a boot image for a virtual machine.


A convenient feature of Tor as implemented on this live CD is the ability to switch to a new ip address with a click in the Vidalia GUI: