Linux Kernel 3.0

By | 2011/05/30


Linus Torvalds has announced what would have been Linux kernel 2.6.40 is to be renamed Linux 3.0. This is great news as the 2.6.infinity series seemed to never end!

Linux 3.0 is not based on any new features, but rather only a version number change. The more recent Linux kernels, in particular 2.6.33 and later have all been extremely mature and rock solid. It is time to change to something new, and 3.0 sounds great!

Kernel 2.6.0 was first announced 18 December 2003 and is vastly different from the current 2.6 kernels.

There was chatter in the past that the 2.6.30 kernel would become 3.0 (following what the Gnome project did for Gnome 2.6.30 -> Gnome 3.0!). But, that never happened. Also when the main scheduler changed for the kernel, many persons thought that that was a good time to break from 2.6, but that did not occur.

At any rate, it is time for the 2.6 series to come to a close.

Yay Linux 3.0!