Play Audible Audio Books in Linux

By | 2011/01/30

How can I play back Audible audio books in Linux?

Thanks to wine, the Audible PC software installs and works perfectly to playback Audible content.

Sorry for the odd shaped screenshots. This is from my netbook. 🙂

First, make sure you have wine installed:

sudo apt-get install wine

1. Find and download the Audible Manager Windows PC software from


2. Install it with wine:

audible2 audible3

3. In the program preferences, choose ‘Audible Desktop Player’ for audio playback.


4. Download some Audible content from your account, and import it into the program.


5. Play! You may be prompted for your login to authorize playback.



13 thoughts on “Play Audible Audio Books in Linux

  1. Joseph Montanez

    Well can play the audio but it keeps skipping :\. Its only using 8% CPU so doubt its a problem with being to slow.

  2. Jacob


    Thanks for this, I’ve only used wine a couple times… and with limited success… I hadn’t even considered even trying wine with Audible Manager… This works as well as the Audible Manager can (which isn’t great, but at least I can listen on my desktops now!!! =)

  3. Heidi

    Thanks for posting this! It works perfectly to play Audible recordings on my computer. However, I am still having trouble loading the books onto my mp3 player. I have an old Creative Zen Muvo player. Creative players are recognized by Audible Manager, and I am still able to load Audible recordings onto it in Windows. I have added my device to Audible Manager in Linux, but Audible Manager does not recognize the device when it is plugged into the computer, and I am unable to activate it. Audible Manager also does not come up as one of the program options for opening my device when I first plug it in. Do you have any suggestions for this? Audible is the last program for which I am keeping Windows installed in a partition on my computer.

    Many thanks,

  4. Ben

    I’m in the same boat as heidi. I dont use wine, so I’d rather not go through the trouble unless I know it’ll work with my Sandisk Sansa Clip. Anyone have feedback on using Audible manager via WINE with an mp3 player (esp the Clip)???

  5. Phuong Mcgrevey

    What’s the PC equivalent of a Macbook Air? I’m looking for a light and powerful computer. I have an opportunity to purchase computers for a tutoring program that is run for youth living in economically disadvantaged areas and we go into community centers several times a week, so having a solution that is light, portable, and powerful is important as we would have to carry all the computers with us. I am impressed by how light the Macbook Air is, can anyone recommend an equivalent for PCs for weight and power?

  6. Mr. Jaggers

    Wine is a last-resort workaround in general, but it is never (rarely?) a “good” user experience. It’s something to use if you have to, and the teams supporting it work very hard to make it the best possible translation layer, but to support an entire subscription service for which you pay per month or per unit of consumption (games/e-books/music downloads/etc)? Dubious, at best.

  7. Johnny Buntu

    Thanks worked perfectly!!!

    Make sure this stays online for others, will also post in my area in Audible and post this link for us Linux users.

    Cheers, Johnny

  8. dfd

    You rule dude, thanks for this. I hadn’t even thought of using wine but it works great in Sabayon.

  9. steve sexauer

    Audible download manager installed and worked but
    the player didn’t install. I get that little download window, but I cant play the files on linux yet. I’m dual booting on with windows and linux.

    Once I get the player working I assume I don’t need to re download every book, surely I can reference my other drive. your directions don’t cover everything that can go wrong. I mean thanks, but you’d think someone could give a more thorough scoop so that 1000s of people aren’t pulling their hair out trying to get through basic computer operations!

  10. Rene van Haasen

    I installed AudibleManager in Wine (I use LinuxMint), but the sound is terrible, as if someone is talking from under water – totally useless!
    What did I do wrong?


    1. Rene van Haasen

      Rene again. I just found out that, for the sound to work ok, you’ll have to download your audiobook directly via AudibleManager to your pc.
      I tried to transfer a file from my Android-phone to pc, and wanted to listen to it, but that doesn’t work. Strangely enough, you can of course, transfer your audiobook from pc to your phone and listen to it, but not visa versa. Is it perhaps because a file downloaded via wifi to your phone is a ‘aax-file’, and the file downloaded to pc is a ‘aa-file’?
      Someone out there how knows the technics of it?


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