Android Most Wanted Features

By | 2010/12/21

Here are my most wanted fixes for Android! You can help out by starring the bug reports. None of these are fixed as of the latest Android 2.3. Warning: rant mode is on. 🙂

Issue 2630: Email app uses base64 encoding for plain text messages

Yes, the Android email app cannot send plain text emails. Emails come across encoded in base64. Even in the latest Android 2.3.

The body of your emails look like this:


Note that yes most email programs can decode base64, but for the geek user this is just embarrassing.

Issue 2361: Add support for external calendars via iCal / CalDav

Yep, you cannot add external calendars to your Android phone calendar app. Only Google Calendar and Exchange calendering.

Issue 9160: Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Issue 3902: Feature Request: “pure” ipsec vpn client (cisco-compatible)

Admittedly every VPN company makes their own proprietary VPN magic which is why there are 10,000 VPN clients. So supporting all VPN softwares is perhaps a stretch. But the Cisco VPN compatibility is pretty major. It would be great for Google to license this or do what is needed to get it in Android.

Issue 3635: Feature req: Support OpenVPN

OpenVPN is increasingly becoming the ‘standard’ used in many open source and academic circles. Yet the Linux based open source Android does not support OpenVPN.

Issue 5289: Mail app should support to encrypted and sign email

I am aware that third party email clients do email signing and encryption, but this should be incorporated this into the standard Android mail app. It would be trivial to build upon what the third party projects have done.

Issue 1461: FLAC file support enhancement request.

Yep, no FLAC for you. FLAC source code is open and available to simply include libflac compiled for Android. alas…

Issue 6547: Screen shots

Want to take screen shots on your Android phone? Good luck. Your options are to either download the SDK, connect your phone in debug mode via usb and figure that out or root the phone and use rooted screen shot apps.

Issue 5597: Arabic language support

Yep, no Arabic language support on your Android phone. This is the reason Android is not taking off in the middle east among other issues.

Google are you there?