Ubuntu 10.10 in Virtualbox – Guest Addition Resolution Fix

By | 2010/09/05

Because of the updated X server version in Ubuntu 10.10, the provided guest additions with the latest Virtualbox fail to install an appropriate X driver.

You are left with a functional, but tiny resolution because of no video driver:


Ok, so how do I fix this?

Until Virtualbox and / or their guest additions are updated, you can simply install this package, then reboot:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11

13 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.10 in Virtualbox – Guest Addition Resolution Fix

  1. neilantpar

    THANK YOU THANK YOU – SEARCHING FOR HALF A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. zhen

    spent almost a day to get virtualbox run as desired
    the final straw is this resolution problem
    needs to reboot system
    before seeing the effect in the virtualbox machine

  3. Anderson Venturini


    Thanks man!
    The procedure worked perfect! It was hell work on that 800×600 screen.

    Congrats from Brazil!

  4. vykc

    i installed that software from terminal

    i reboot the system
    what i have to do to run the software

    i am new to ubuntu 11.04

    1. scott Post author

      This was long fixed in Virtualbox 4.x. Use the latest virtualbox from http://virtualbox.org and it will just work now without the need of this post. Cheers,

  5. Bluto

    Sorry Scotty – but this isn’t completely true.

    Too many OS host versions with too many l*nux guest versions, and still vbox isn’t working..

    Windows 7 Host VBox v4.1.0 with Ubuntu V11 guest and was still having problems, yes installed the latest version of the guest additions, yes tried creating a new (out of date though it is) x host file, and yes tried bending over backwards. Been working with Linux/Windows/Unix since mid 1980’s & hold two degrees in computer science – Bach & Masters, so don’t think I’m a novice.

    Guess what – this nice guy found something that worked, and upon running the simple command, adjusted my screen resolution just fine.

    Interesting huh?

    1. scott Post author

      By ‘Ubuntu V11’ I assume you mean 11.04? Or 11.10? Unity started as default with Ubuntu 11.04, requiring 3D to work right. So in virtualbox you have to enable and crank up the 3D to get Unity working.

      Check out this post:


      Unity has been a mess all around.

      I don’t suggest Ubuntu anymore but rather Linux Mint.

      This post of mine we are all commenting on is from a year ago concerning Ubuntu 10.10. It is old/out of date. I will probably remove it at some point to save the confusion.

  6. ian1939

    thank you so much, i was searching for 2 hours. :>

  7. mike

    I got the latest guest additions to VB, nothing worked. Tried this solution… worked once but on reboot said display was not available or something, and then reverted to 800×600 again.


  8. Thor

    Thanks! I got fullscreen resolution directly after reboot. 🙂


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