Record Screencast in Linux

By | 2010/08/24

gtk-recordMyDesktop is a useful Linux app to make screencasts of your desktop.

Perhaps you need to prepare some videos for training, demos, or other uses? Or make a killer youtube video of some geeky action from your desktop? This will do it!

Install with:

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordmydesktop

Now run the app:

Applications > Sound and Video > gtk-recordMyDesktop

If desired you can set some basic parameters for video and sound quality. I suggest leaving those at 100.

Uncheck the box beside Sound Quality if you do not need or want sound.

Ok ready to record?

1. First click Select Window to then choose the desired window that you are going to record.

2. Then simply click Record.

3. To stop recording, click the small record/stop button in your system tray.

After hitting stop, be patient as your movie is encoded.

By default, recordMyDesktop will save your movie as:

out.ogv – in your home directory

If you are curious, here is the raw output video I made as a random example:

[Raw video: 3.8MB ogv video]

PS: This raw video is actually good-to-go for html5 video in Chrome and Firefox:

You can convert to other formats as desired with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i out.ogv -qscale 1 movie.mp4

… even convert to flash for your website:

ffmpeg -i out.ogv -qscale 1 movie.flv
[flv: /wp-content/uploads/2010/08/movie.jpg 600 480]