Handbrake Android Settings (DVD)

By | 2010/08/08

What setting can I use in Handbrake to encode a DVD for my Samsung Galaxy S phone?

Well Android can play just about anything!

The Galaxy S phone in particular has a nice screen, and 1Ghz processor that works great for high profile Handbrake encodes. The high profile setting may however result in a larger than desired file size. :/

The easiest thing to do for a DVD is to simply use the preset Regular > Normal

A 2.5 hour DVD with Normal preset = 2.0GB in size.

This creates a good quality video in a size that is not terribly large.

hbnormal2 02videxample 04videxample

Need a smaller file size?

Simply start with the Normal preset, then under the Video tab set the Target Size to your desired file size.